Sunday, October 14, 2012

Enjoy Today

Hello loves! I’ve been experiencing an awesome shift this Fall. In previous years, I would dread the Winter lashing that Mother Nature was preparing to whip us with. I resented my husband for making us stay in Minnesota. I resented him for having a job that left me home alone during those cold winter nights. I look back now and see how much time I wasted. The energy, anxiety and anger that was directed at toward somebody so undeserving. 

It’s great to look back and see growth. But, whether you look back and smile or look back in pain, one thing remains the same...all you have is today! This very moment right now. 

I was reminded of that recently while spending an evening with my son. I believe all of you who are parents will be able to relate to this one.

Our children can often seem like students, but make sure you take the time to let them teach you. They haven’t been tainted by the ways of society. Their pure little souls have so much to share. Listen. Enjoy. Be in the moment with them. Grow together. This applies to everyone, not just parents. We are all one, so let’s treat each other that way. 

Have you? Keep on smiling, lovelies!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Be a beacon of light

I’ve been a mixture of excitement and nerves that last few weeks. There were lessons and a lot of growth. Luckily, Christopher Lawrence reminded me the importance of falling forward, instead of just falling. There are situations, people and energy constantly darting around us, but we choose how to respond. Do you respond or do you react? Either way, the choice is yours. That’s the beauty of it. 

We have free will, loves! Remind yourself of this every day. I AM a free-will human being...not a human doing. What do I mean by this? Well, I just happen to have a little video that will help explain. 

Go forth and shine your light bright. Every day in every way. Period. Give yourself the present of being present. Breathe each day of life in. Own your experiences. Own your choices. 

Example? While feeling as though I had a broken heart recently, Christopher Lawrence reminded me that it was my choice. I could acknowledge the experience, but it was time to move forward. I had the choice to respond or react. Love is freedom and we each get to choose who we want to share our love with. They don’t control the amount of love that we have. I AM whole and completely loved. You are whole and completely loved. You are filled with the love of Spirit. That’s it. It’s really very simple.
Move forward and be that light and love. Here's a little video with some inspiring lyrics.

Stop being complacent. Take action to engage and create the dialogue that helps those around you to shift forward. If they’re ready to join the path of enlightment with you, they will. If they’re not, they won’t. That’s their experience. Own your light and remember to keep moving forward.

And, as always, keep smiling while you do it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You have all the answers

Hello all! Yes, I’m still around. I let the fear enter my life and things were dim for a bit. What saved me? Amazing friends and meditation. It turns out that I had the answers all along. It’s wierd, because I know this. But, there are times when we are tested. 

What happens when you lay on the couch every night? Your muscles get weak! Then, all of a sudden, you go to work out and your body rebels. The same goes for mediation. 

“Your mind is a muscle. Work it, love! Don’t let it work you.”
-Dajon Ferrell

Boy, did my mind work me or what? I gave Jack (my ego) full permission to wreak havoc on my life, also allowing him to cause chaos in the lives of those I love. 

Another reason why it is so important to surround yourself with amazing and loving people. Lovelies that will slap you out of your funk, in a loving and non-judgemental way, of course! Hee hee! My lovely reminded me that the answers are within. By looking for answers outside of myself, I got other people’s answers, drama and fear.

So, let’s grow in meditation together. I’ve had some people ask how I meditate. I’m going to share, with the disclaimer that you should research and try all sorts of ways. I have a certain things I do every day, but I’m also always looking to grow and expand my knowledge through new tools and resources. Here we gooooo...

I rarely suggest an entire CD, but this one has been wonderful for me!
Celebrate Peace by Snatum Kaur (Also on iTunes)

Also, I have a DajonSmiles Meditation Playlist on my YouTube channel (same place as the videos on this blog) that includes some great mantras.

One of my favorites is Ong Namo. It rang so true with my heart. I looked up the meaning, which is "I call up on the Divine wisdom." Wowza! So amazing!

I encourage you to listen to your heart and look up the meanings to hear what you and your Angels are telling you.

I’ll continue to add my favorites and will be adding notes about my experience with each. I’d love for you to share as well. 

I know some of you don’t know me and some of you do...but, I’m here for you all! You can email me at Sometimes just talking to someone can help illuminate your light, so that you can truly look within to find your answers!

Keep smiling, lovelies!!! We've got this!

P.S. Here's the link for 'Thank You, Angels!'

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Invite Possibilities Into Your Life

Hellooooooo lovelies!!! I’m so excited for today, because we are going to learn how to bling our our consciousness! So, we’re gonna switch it up today and play the video first.

Yes! Stop speaking limitations into existence! Yes, you...we are all guilty of it. Letting fear interfere (a.k.a. enter fear) with your life. Welcome possibility and put it to work. Make it a reality! Ask yourself this next question.

“Who am I to tell God how to use me or work through me?”
-Panache Desai

Really! Who are you to limit God’s work through you? If the Divine dwells in you, as you, for you, then you are limitless. Possibility surrounds you. And when that fear slips it’s way, it’s ok...just release it. Enter love and light into the situation and the illusion that you’re ego (Jack) created will simply drift away. I’m not here to say that it’s always easy, but I am here to say that YOU’RE WORTH IT!

So, tell me friend, what’s stopping you? Why aren’t you living up to your divine potential? What’s got your possibility packing its’ bags? Maybe you’ve tripped up in the past and that memory keeps haunting you.

My divorce entered a lot of fear into my life. I wanted to protect my son and myself. The judgement that I placed on myself was ridiculous. That’s why I would love for you to try the ‘I will always love you’ exercise that Panache taught at the conference. I released the judgement. I released that past. I don’t know who originally said this, but I loved it: Don’t stumble over something behind you.

Let’s move forward together. Name your ego and learn how to separate from yourself. As Avianna would say, “I’m the driver here.”

I’m excited that I’m driving my own bus, because some amazing things are in the works and I’m so excited to share them with you. I’ve recorded my first podcast with Christopher Lawrence of the Zen Labyrinth. I’ll post the link when it’s up, but until then, hop on over and listen to some of their other podcasts! I’ll also be launching lots of fun and inspiring products in the Enlighten Studio!

You all make me smile and I hope I can do the same. Keep on smiling! You are amazing!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Chaos Creates Chaos

We’re always growing and changing. Just look back to a year ago. How many things have you learned? How have you changed? 
Sometimes it’s at a faster pace, sometimes it’s more painful than other times, but the growth is consistently there. Thank Spirit for that!
With this change, we also need to adjust our practices, habits and methods of doing things. Life can be chaotic, but don’t get lost in the shuffle. Don’t work for the weekends! It doesn’t have to be that way. All you have is now. Be in the now.

You can be excited for future plans, but I try not to say, “I wish it were Saturday.” As my Grandma Alisha says: 

Don’t wish your life away. 

Sometimes it’s hard to be in the now. I take those times to refocus and shift my paradigm to the right path. You know what that is. Just look within. Spend time with yourself and figure it out. 
Summer’s in Minnesota can be chaotic. There’s so much going on and it seems to fly by. It’s really important not to wish the days away, because it seems to always fly by as it is. 

My current job and employment pattern for the last four years is coming to an end. You would think it would be slowing down at work, but the projects are rolling in more now than ever. Plus, I’m out looking for a new job, which can be a bit draining if you let it be. Then you throw in the single mom gig and trying to keep up with my running. Needless to say, chaos was surrounding me and I wasn’t about to let it in. I know chaos creates more chaos. Here’s what I did...

*Sorry for the silly

I know I tend to ramble in my videos, but if you remember one thing from this blog today, remember this:

Everything we do
is infused with the energy
with which we do it. 
If we’re frantic, life will be frantic.
If we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful.
- Marianne Williamson

Just as being peaceful will bring you a peaceful life, smiling will bring you more keep on smiling, lovelies. See you next week!

Monday, July 16, 2012

BElieve in YOUrself

I have something to admit to you, lovelies. I recently let fear interfere (enter fear) with my life. Just a month ago, I blogged about the following quote: 
Fear is not a thing. Fear is the absence of light.
-Marianne Williamson
And then what did I do? I freaked out. I was living in the present. I was working towards my goals. Then I ran into a financial hurdle. I stopped doing the work that I loved. I started panicking. I lowered my vibration and turned down my light when I should’ve been doing the exact opposite. With that fear, came in the 'I can’t' uglies and the 'I should’ve' ickies.
I was thinking that I didn’t have time for my blog, because I needed to focus on things that make me money. I thought that I didn’t have time for ‘Humans of Minnesota’ and that I was selfish for taking the time to run. 
Those activities are all ways that I let my light shine. By hiding my light under a bush, I put a stop to all of my forward thinking. I put a stop to all of my affirmations. My fear allowed my ego, Jack, to come and stomp all over me. This affected my relationships and my work at my full-time job.
Learning from my fumbles, I had to come up with a plan of action. I will remain consistent and problem solve before Jack comes back. I will look to see if I’m making enough to pay my bills, then see what is left over. I will ask myself, how I can more efficiently use the abundance that Spirit has blessed me with? Then affirm away. 

I am abundant. I am abundant through doing what I love, which is listening and delivering the messages of Spirit. I am abundant through helping people through the messages that I recieve. How can I recieve those messages if I’m hiding my light?
Luckily, I have a wonderful friend, soul sister and mentor, named Avianna Castro! I’ve also been doing a lot of work with the Archangels, thanks to the wonderful Sunny Dawn Johnston. I’d like to share a little bit of how and what she’s taught me that helped me rid myself of the ‘should’ve bugs!’

So, as with everything else, you need to put in the work. Live in the present with me. Do the work. Take the time and be your wonderful and illuminated self! Get rid of the can’t bugs and stop ‘shoulding’ all over yourself! Throw those should’ve uglies out the window! In order to BElieve in YOUrself, you need to BE YOU! See that? It’s just that simple! Oh, and don't forget to smile!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heal your heart, light your life

For months, the lovely Avianna told me to meditate. I didn’t. It wasn’t that I didn’t mean to or that I didn’t want to. I just didn’t prioritize it. Now it’s like food for my soul. It’s my way of treating myself. I’ve let go of my limiting thoughts, such as, “I can’t meditate until I download that song,” or “I’m too tired.”

I write these blogs from the heart, so I end up tying things back into my own personal experiences. This ‘Wisdom Card’ really brought it all full circle for me, so I wanted to make a pretty just in case it resonates with you. 

Doesn’t that just make it seem so simple. It’s bigger than you. It’s time that we take responsibility for what we’re putting out into the world. 
Stand up! Stand up for yourself! Stand up for what your heart knows! At least, just do me a favor and try it. You’re beautiful and loved, but you’re true beauty is illuminated once your actions reflect your heart.

This is where meditation can help you. It clears away all of the fluff, drama and space fillers. Your mind becomes clear. Your actions become true.
This one has been a little repetitive, but I just really hope to share this message with you all. I would also love to hear your feedback. What works for you? How do you treat your heart? How do you treat other's hearts? Forgive, release, breathe...doesn't that feel great?
Keep on smiling! It’s making a difference!